Gwyn Ridenhour, founderGwyn Ridenhour
Matchbook Marketing is committed to helping independent bookstores put their best face forward by providing an array of promotional services across print and digital media. We work with indie bookstores because we are driven by these values:
  • We believe in the ability of story to make the world a better place.
  • We believe books are a powerful conduit of these stories, connecting people to ideas, history, creativity, and each other.
  • We believe investing in a local economy and community is key to making our towns more thoughtful and our lives more full.
  • We believe an indie bookstore is a wellspring of ideas, community, dialogue, and those beautiful books we all love.
  • We believe in teamwork, compassion, and personal relationships.
  • We believe in environmental sustainability and pride ourselves on being committed to diversity and inclusion; we do not promote hate speech of any kind.
My life has been steeped in literature, education, libraries, theater, music, performance, and social justice, and I bring all of that to my work with Matchbook; it informs the services we provide, the relationships we build, and the team I have put together. We all genuinely look forward to building special relationships with each of you, working to help you make life better for so many.
Erin Baker
Graphic Design:
Print Newsletter

Erin has been working with Matchbook’s print newsletters since the early 2000s when she started assisting her Mom, Gena. Erin is an avid reader and enjoys seeing all the new books that are included in each new edition. She enjoys learning about each of our bookstores and would love to go on an adventure one day and visit as many independent bookstores as possible!

Penny Olsen
Graphic Design:
Print Newsletter

I joined the Matchbook team in 2021! Since graduating from Bradley University in 1999, I have gained over 20 years of graphic design and industry experience. I love a good design challenge, and I especially enjoy creating magazine layouts, logo design and event branding. I can’t wait learn all about the bookstores that I will be helping to promote!

franklin web printing
Printing Partner:
Print Newsletter

Since 1977, Franklin Web Printing Company has operated as a non-heatset web printing company. We are also committed to leaving the world a better place than we’ve found it. We recycle almost everything we use and purchase materials that are friendly to the environment. We’re even recognized by our local government as a Live Green Business Partner.

Cindi Carrigan
Graphic Design:
Website Development

After 20+ years as a marketing professional, I decided to follow my love of the web, specializing in graphic and web design. I began with traditional HTML development and have added Drupal, WordPress and Bootstrap to my skillset. Gwyn introduced me to the world of independent booksellers in 2016, and I am honored to participate in this vision.

joey akra
Graphic Design:
Logo & Branding

I am a self-taught illustrator and a University trained designer who LOVES to create. Working with Matchbook has given me the opportunity to come up with timeless brands and identities for great people who are all doing something their communities need: opening up welcoming bookstores. Each identity has a positive message or wholesome approach to it, which makes me enjoy the process even more.

Ian Ridenhour
Composer: Bookstore & Podcast Theme Music

Ian Ridenhour is a performer and songwriter based in Boston, MA. In addition to producing and performing his own albums, he also composes for the audio drama Palimpsest. Ian studied songwriting at Berklee College of Music, and has joined the Matchbook team to produce theme music for bookstores, especially with the increasing popularity of online events. You can find his music on Spotify and iTunes, and see more of his work at www.ianridenhour.com.