Publisher Advertising Opportunities

Promote Your Books Directly to Indie Bookstore Customers in Full-Color, Customized Newspapers

Matchbook Marketing’s customized print newsletter for indie bookstore customers has been in publication for over 20 years, serving independent bookstores around the country. The bi-monthly publication pairs core pages of new and forthcoming books with a unique wraparound that feature each store’s events and staff picks.

brand overview

  • 8 core pages feature jacket images and blurbs of new and forthcoming books
  • 4-page wraparounds feature store branding, events, specials, staff picks, gift items, word searches, coupons, and more
  • Each issue has a 2-month readership life and encourages repeat readings

audience and distribution

  • The average print run in 2023 was 50,600 copies per issue
  • Newspapers are distributed directly to indie bookstore customers
  • Stores around the country distribute the paper through bulk mail, EDDM, newspaper insertion, and bag stuffers
  • Many stores also opt for additional digital distribution via a hyperlinked interactive flip book with jackets linked to the stores’ e-commerce sites. Click here for an example.

Amy Exstrum, Ouray Bookshop, Ouray, CO

“The response to the newsletter has been tremendous! Often, a customer comes into the shop with the newsletter in hand, all marked up as to what they want to buy. Our tourism director told us that she thought the newsletter was ‘brilliant.’ So, kudos!”

Wonderland Bookshop Newsletters
river's end newsletter
Viewpoint Books newsletter
Snug Newsletter

Beth Stroh, Viewpoint Books, Columbus, IN

“Our custom-crafted newsletter with Matchbook Marketing is a bookstore owner’s dream. So many customers tell us they toss the rest of their mail aside so they can settle into a comfy chair and start circling all the books they want for themselves or others.”

Desiree Bailey, San Marco Books and More, Jacksonville, FL

“We just had a customer come in who was raving about the newsletter. She said that she reads it from cover to cover and has discovered THE BEST books that she NEVER would have red. This happens all the time!”

the features and rate

  • There is space for 8 sponsored titles on page 5, designed to flow with the rest of the paper. This is not a page of competing ads, but rather a feature of our sponsors’ chosen titles.
  • Sponsorship of a single title is $75/book/store. Store participation changes, but typically ranges from 13-18, with 20 being the cap. We encourage multiple submissions in a single issue, as we can highlight the publisher more effectively.

sponsorship includes

  • Jacket image and 85 word count blurb with price, pub date, and award icons
  • Blurb preparation by Matchbook team; simply provide the ISBNs
  • Review process before the newsletter goes to print
  • Inclusion in both print and digital versions of the newsletter
  • Print/distribution report, digital samples, print samples avail. upon request
  • Further promotion in participating bookstores; many booksellers create newsletter specific displays
  • Support of indie bookstores: sponsorships directly reduce the cost for sellers

sponsorship guidelines

  • The book should be available for purchase through a majo­­r distributor.
  • Should be published within the last year (new and forthcoming preferred).
  • Should hold national interest (ask us about region-specific title options).
  • Should be appropriate to a wide audience. Books may be disqualified for hate speech or otherwise inflammatory, inappropriate, or proselytizing content.
Photograph of printed issues of Matchbook News. The newsletter banners show the names of multiple independent bookstore issues, including Turtle Talk, An Unlikely Story, The Octavian, Fountain Bookstore, Roundabout Books, East City Bookshop, and Viewpoint Books.

Space is limited. There are 6 editions per year, and reservations are encouraged. Please reach out to Gwyn Ridenhour for more information and samples, and join us for our next bi-monthly issue!

Emanuel Figueroa, Snug Books, Baltimore, MD

“The newsletter helps build the buzz locally on a title, and the advertising discount reflected on our invoice helps us stay within our budget when doing the newsletter. The discount helps us take a risk on a title that we might skip otherwise.

We also sent a survey to our whole email list (about 4,500 active customers) and posted it on social media. From those who have responded so far to the question ‘Where do you get your book recommendations?’, 52% indicated the Matchbook newsletter with NYT coming in second at 39%.”