Publisher Advertising Opportunities

Promote Your Books Directly to Indie Bookstore Customers in Full-Color, Customized Newspapers

Matchbook Marketing’s customized print newsletter for indie bookstore customers has been in publication for over 20 years, serving independent bookstores around the country. The bi-monthly publication pairs core pages of new and forthcoming books with a unique wraparound that feature each store’s events and staff picks.

Brand Overview

  • 8 core pages feature jacket images and blurbs of new and forthcoming books
  • 4-page wraparounds feature store branding, events, specials, and staff picks
  • Each issue has a 2-month readership life and encourages repeat readings
  • Printable signage and book talkers encourage store displays
  • It is the only customized print newspaper for independent bookstores

Audience and Distribution

  • The average print run in 2019 was 37,500 copies per issue
  • Newspapers are distributed directly to indie bookstore customers
  • Participating stores are located in the west, midwest, northeast, and southeastern states
  • Stores distribute the paper through bulk mail, EDDM, newspaper insertion, and bag stuffers

Advertising Guidelines

Matchbook News features new and forthcoming books that are readily available to independent booksellers all over the country. To qualify for ad space, books must meet the following specifications:

  • The book should be available for purchase through a major distributor.
  • No self-published books.
  • The book should be published within the last year (new and forthcoming preferred).
  • Must hold national interest (i.e., no region-specific titles).
  • Debut authors encouraged.
  • Must be appropriate to a wide audience. Books may be disqualified for inflammatory, inappropriate, or proselytizing content.
  • Matchbook reserves the right to disqualify any book for any reason.

Matchbook News core pages are organized in the following categories: Fiction, Non-fiction, New in Paperback, Children’s, Teens/Tweens, and Young Adult. When possible, ads will be placed to match the genre on the newsletter page.

Space is limited. If guidelines are met, ads will be prioritized on a first-come-first-served basis. Publishers will be notified within three days of submission.

Ad Rates

Matchbook News Advertising Rates
1/8 Page
1/4 Page
(or two 1/8 page ads in a single issue)
Ad Rate

additional discounts

  • First-time advertisers: $150/one time
  • University Presses: $100/ad
  • Debut author or paperback discount: $50/ad
  • Two 1/8 page ads (per imprint) may be purchased at the ¼ page discounted rate.
  • Loyalty Program: When you purchase ad space in three consecutive issues, receive a discount for $150 off the third.
  • Discounts cannot be combined.

Ad Specifications

All ads are 4 color, and should be prepared in CMYK in 300 DPI.

Acceptable file formats include Photoshop (.psd), .tif, .pdf, .eps, or .jpg.

Below is a sample of a core page. An 1/8 page ad is equivalent to one of the book blurb entries below.

A 1/4 page ad is equivalent to two of the book blurb entries below. The 1/4 page ad can be stacked vertically or laid out horizontally across two columns. Advertisers select size and orientation, but Matchbook will decide placement on the page.

Advertising layout examples, including 1/8 page (4.862" x 2.164"), 1/4 page vertical (4.862" x 4.462") and 1/4 page horizontal (9.989" x 2.3")