Roundabout Books

Matchbook was excited to join Roundabout at the very beginning of their story – when we met Cassie Clemmans, she was in the throws of architectural planning, fixture and start-up ordering, and business planning for her new store in Bend, Oregon. The result of her work is breath-taking: a gorgeous building filled with a beautifully curated collection and lots of personal touches.

Matchbook worked with Cassie to develop Roundabout’s logo and brand. We created store section signage and developed their website, which is loaded with easy to navigate pages featuring upcoming events, book recommendations, clubs, and gift subscription programs.

Roundabout also participates in our print newsletter program, which they promote in the store, through social media, and in their email marketing program. Roundabout is particularly talented at using a wide range of marketing tools: print newsletters, a vibrant website, and social media, in addition to local promotions. Each tool supports the others, providing a cohesive presentation of the store to the public.

We are deeply honored to work with Roundabout Books, and love sharing them as an example of how booksellers do things exactly right.


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