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LOGO AND BRAND: We loved developing this creative project for Kizzy's Books & More, a Florida store focusing on African-American literature. "Kizzy" was a fully realized character for bookseller Trenessa. She had developed her personality in her mind, and even had a rough sketch drawn out of what she should look like. A celebration of African-American culture, literature, and beauty, she wanted Kizzy to literally provide a face that reflected the mission and focus of her store.

CUSTOMIZED WEBSITE: Once we brought Kizzy to life and developed the logo and brand, we built an IndieCommerce website that brought over her culturally-centered theme and colors while providing online shopping ability. Our team has the experience to customize sites within the IndieCommerce framework, and to help Kizzy's Books & More further their mission, we pulled out specific sub-categories that highlight African-American and African themes and authors so that these filters automatically apply when a customer browses (though you can still find any book with a simple search function).

PRINT CATALOGS AND E-NEWSLETTERS: Always thinking out of the box, Trenessa also asked us to create two book catalogs printed on newsprint: one for children and one for adults, featuring books that she selected. And then she asked us to design and maintain a monthly email newsletter that features 10 books; we hyperlink these books and blurbs to her website's shopping cart to make it even easier for Kizzy customers to support their favorite bookstore.

Last year at the Paz and Associates Bookseller training, I met Gwyn of Matchbook Marketing. While at this training we had brief brainstorming session about the vision I had for the logo for my bookstore. Matchbook Marketing took my ideas for my logo and website brought it to life. My website and logo are amazing. I highly recommend Matchbook Marketing. They are able to create something amazing out of one idea. -Trenessa

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