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Fountain Bookstore

Fountain Bookstore is located in Richmond, VA, and carries interesting books of all kinds. The store (and its delightful owner Kelly Justice) has a grungy, funky vibe, embracing progressive ideas, but an old, warm, and comfortable aesthetic.

Fountain came to Matchbook with a lot of excellent elements that needed better coordination. We selected a store name typeset that embraces their feel, and is now a dominant part of their branding. We also created imagery around their gift subscription programming, and a full set of branded bookmarks.

Along with these elements, Matchbook created a tagline for Fountain to capture their fun sense of humor. They are now officially “The quirkiest, heartwarmingest bookstore on the planet.”

With the brand was solidified, Fountain joined our newsletter program, and hasn’t missed an issue in the last two years. They love customizing their pages with staff picks, a personalized letter from Kelly, and a page packed with their wonderful upcoming events. Fountain’s newsletter captures the nature and warmth of their store, and readers can’t help but feel a part of the Fountain Family.

Finally, Matchbook took on Fountain’s website, which began as a sparse IndieCommerce site. Some of the warm elements were present already, but it needed a design overhaul to bring those elements to life, clean up formatting inconsistencies, re-organize the web pages to meet Fountain’s current needs, and make the site mobile responsive. The result is a user-friendly website that encourages browsing and online ordering and is beautifully framed in wood toned elements, providing visual texture and warmth.