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Story & Song Bookstore

Story & Song Bookstore is a shop in Amelia Island, Florida opening in early spring 2018. This project holds special meaning for Matchbook, as it is run by Mark and Donna Kaufman, who back in the late 1990s, started the print newsletter now known as Matchbook News! We love working with Mark and Donna, and were thrilled when they asked us to create their store's brand and logo.

Story & Song place heavy emphasis on excellent bookselling practices, an amazing array of books, events, and live music. They felt strongly that their logo be comprised of words vs. images, so we played with the "&" in the logo, turning it into a treble clef. This kept the logo character-driven, while adding an element of play and a visual hint at their mission. As they are a coastal, the greens and blues help establish setting.

Over the course of their launch process, we've worked with the Kaufmans to create startup materials, including business cards, digital and print advertisements, store banners, and coming full circle, a Matchbook News newsletter of their own!