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Viewpoint Books

Beth and John Stroh run Viewpoint Books in Columbus, IN. They took over the store in 2016, building on Viewpoint’s strong community legacy and adding their own freshening touches. Viewpoint emphasizes the power of words (their tagline is “Where Words Matter”) and personalized service. They have a wonderful staff picks “Pointers” emphasis that helps readers both connect to the books in the shop and the people who work there.

Matchbook helped Viewpoint refresh their look with a new logo and branding. We built a new website as well, featuring the new brand and providing better navigation and visual interest. Viewpoint is warm and bright and jewel toned, and the new site reflects that feel.

Viewpoint Books also regularly participates in Matchbook’s newsletter program, bringing their brand and colors to the printed page. They emphasize staff picks, updates on their renovations, new programming, and personal stories of staff and people deeply connected to the store. The result is a friendly and meaningful human connection to the Viewpoint community. We are proud to be part of this team.