Riverstone Bookstore

Riverstone Bookstore came to us as they were planning on their opening in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. We designed both their logo/branding, as well as their website. Though the name implies a natural setting, Riverstone is an urban store, and as such, wanted a logo that reflected their name but would feel appropriate in a city setting. The result: clean lines that create a modern representation of the store name.

Riverstone is one of many stores who wanted to take advantage of the American Booksellers' Association's IndieLite bookselling framework - a scaled-back version of IndieCommerce. We created a WordPress site for them, and they created the IndieLite portion themselves, popping in with us for occasional help and guidance. We love meeting booksellers where they are, and are always happy to encourage our clients if they want to learn the back-door mechanics of website building. Our one-hour phone training that is included with every web package is a great way to help turn over the process to sellers once the site is up and running. Of course, if that's not your thing, we can help with ongoing management as well. It's really up to each seller and their interest.