Commonplace Reader

We had so much fun with this brand that we created for Commonplace Reader. Liz opened her store in Yardley, PA, moving into an historic two story home on the edge of the canal that serves as a lifeblood to the town. A popular recreation space today, in days past, this canal was used to import goods, often carried in on flat barges. Liz wanted to capture that part of the town's history in their logo, and had a vision of a mule pulling a barge of books. "Franki the Mule" has since taken on a life of his own, and is now featured on all sorts of store merchandise.

We also created bookmarks for the store, and a completely customized print newsletter to help launch their grand opening. 

Liz Young, owner of Commonplace Reader

Everyone loves the logo! Franki the Mule is very popular and there is definitely an affinity to/for that spry little fellow. Mugs, pens, and t-shirts have been requested and ordered for this week, and I hope will become local keepsakes!!