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Copper Bell Bookshop

Debra's dream of Copper Bell Bookshop was partially inspired by a beautiful bell she had in her garden. She loves all the wonderful emotions she associates with that bell: its warmth and comfort, its joy and its tie back into times past. We took that image (she sent us a photo of the actual bell) and created a complete brand that reflected all those lovely feelings. A metallic effect on the business cards and bookmarks was an added extra that made it literally shine even more.

Debra Warnock, owner of Copper Bell Bookshop:

In this crazy, busy and terrifying adventure of opening a bookstore, working with Gwyn and the Matchbook Marketing team was like a much needed warm comfort blanket. Getting the right design for my logo/brand was one of the most important steps in creating Copper Bell Bookshop. The graphic designer, Joey, hit the vintage feel and my desired colors in the first group of rough drafts presented.

Gwyn and Joey were so gracious working with me to tweak every little detail to perfection. The value of having a complete logo/brand package to use for all my marketing needs is priceless. I highly recommend Matchbook Marketing!