Mind Chimes illustrative logo and newsletter

Mind Chimes Bookshop

Calm, peaceful, soothing... these are words Laura used to describe her vision for Mind Chimes, her new book shop in Three Lakes, Wisconsin. Using simple, iconic book spines as the foundation of her a logo for a clean, uncluttered look, we added a fermata over the i in Mind - a music notation that means "pause," inviting the reader to stop and be present.

Social media profiles and banners, a business card, and bookmark finished out the branding project. And later, we provided a hand drawn, illustrative version of the logo for t-shirts and other merchandising.

Once all of that was completed, we created a Wordpress website that linked out to their Bookshop.org page for online purchasing. And then to put the cherry on top: their very own print newsletter as part of our Matchbook News program!

We love being part of Mind Chimes' growth and evolution!