Ouray Bookshop

Back in 2019, we started working with Ouray Bookstore, nestled in the tiny but gorgeous tourist-supported town of Ouray, CO, creating their brand, developing their website, and publishing their newsletter, which became their primary marketing tool. We absolutely loved working with Amy and Brian, and in 2024, the sold the store to Pat Light, who rebranded as Ouray Books, and moved to a nearby location. This was an exciting development for everyone, and Pat has creative vision that we're having a ball with. We created a clean classy base logo with a host of assets, which will be modified into themed "treatments" to honor special events, changing seasons, etc. The first of these variations honored spring and new growth, with twining vines and flowers, all native to the area. We're really looking forward to designing new variations as Pat comes to us with inspiration. The die cut sticker is a replication of an actual light fixture Pat brought into the store. And the great thing too is that we're still publishing Ouray's newsletter! So we get to bring these elements into their marketing pieces too.