Ouray Bookshop

Ouray Bookshop is nestled in the tiny but gorgeous tourist-supported town of Ouray, CO. When it changed hands in 2019, the new owners wanted to create a space for both tourists and local residents. The new owners rebranded to launch this evolution, and we created a logo that highlights the natural elements of their town and uses colors and flourishes inspired by the elegance of the historic building that houses the store.

Once the brand was completed, we developed an IndieCommerce website and their print newsletter, which they use as their primary marketing tool.

Amy Exstrum, owner of Ouray Bookshop

The response we have had regarding the newsletter has been tremendous! We have had SO many positive comments. Often, a customer comes into the shop with the newsletter in hand, all marked up as to what they want to buy. We had one customer call us to tell us that the newsletter has inspired her to start reading again. And our tourism director told us that she thought the newsletter was “brilliant.” So, kudos to you!