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The Purple Couch Bookshop

We met Kate at The Purple Couch Bookshop when they began their plans to open in northeast Massachusettes. She really loved the idea of centering her brand on an elegant, but not formal couch. Something cozy that you could get lost in, but with a steampunk, Victorian flare. She sent us tons of photos of couches! And resources like that really helped us land on the style she was looking for. The addition of a tagline, "Sink into a good book," and we come out with a brand that invites you to while away the hours in their cozy, chic atmosphere.

Kate Keisling, owner of The Purple Couch Bookshop

Prospective and current booksellers: I cannot recommend Matchbook Marketing enough. Gwyn was so intuitive and asked all the right questions upfront to help me with the branding. Joey was so creative, managing to include all the elements that I wanted to evoke in the logo and design. They also produced a style guide that will make it so easy for me to work on print, online, and signage pieces, beyond what I know I will go back to them to produce.