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Matchbook was excited to join Roundabout at the very beginning of their story. When we met Cassie Clemans, she was in the throws of architectural planning, fixture and start-up ordering, and business planning for her new store in Bend, Oregon. The result of her work is breath-taking: a gorgeous building filled with a beautifully curated collection and lots of personal touches.

In the early days, we worked with Cassie to develop Roundabout’s logo and brand. The name "Roundabout" makes reference to the traffic circles that are prevalent in Bend. Cassie liked the idea of bringing things full circle and of connecting a community; she liked how the roundabouts of the area served as physical points of intersection. So we played with that idea and created a round image that could also be a coffee cup stain, bringing the larger idea of roundabouts down to the intimate environment of a reader's armchair.

Once we established the brand, we developed store sectional signage, shelf talkers, bookmarks, coupons, flyers, and print newsletters. We also developed an IndieCommerce website loaded with easy to navigate pages featuring upcoming events, book recommendations, clubs, and gift subscription programs.

The Rebrand

Fast forward a few years, as Roundabout's style evolved. The store has moved toward more of an art deco feel, shiny, classy, polished. So we worked with them to rebrand, building off those same initial elements of the round feel but pulling it forward to reflect the feel they had grown into. We love their new look!

We are deeply honored to work with Roundabout Books, and love sharing them as an example of how booksellers do things exactly right.

Cassie Clemans, owner of Roundabout Bookshop

It was a wonderful experience working with Matchbook Marketing to develop my brand and website! Cindi’s knowledge of the bookstore platform and requirements is invaluable. They worked quickly and efficiently on my website development, waiting only on me to make decisions before moving onto the next step in the process. Gwyn and Cindi truly made a potentially painful and time consuming process, very fun and rewarding. I would recommend them to any bookstore owner looking to create or update a brand or website.