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Snug Books

Emanuel and Katie are the wonderful owners of Snug Books in Baltimore, MD. When they first reached out, they had a start-up logo, but needed flexibility, and asked us to take their initial image and create a horizontal layout, assets such as business cards and social media banners and logos, and shelf readers, and a style sheet to consolidate all the information.

Snug then joined our print newsletter program, and distributes thousands of copies to their community using Every Door Direct Mail. They've had great success with the paper to get the word out about their store and engage their readers. They also use it to reach out to their Spanish speaking neighbors, offering books (and their descriptions) in Spanish. 

And then with all that success, they expanded! They opened a branch in the Port Discovery Museum. So we took their initial logo and once again changed it up for them, creating a Port Discovery version with the museum featured in the landscape beyond the window.

Emanuel Figueroa, co-owner of Snug Books

The newsletter (and its digital companion) work well together and even though it is only our second time using the newsletter, we have made sure to include it in our budget for the rest of the year.

People have been enjoying getting the newsletters in the mail and they cannot wait to come to story time…. Over the weekend someone came to the store with the newsletter on hand with the books they wanted highlighted on it. We just made the writing contest page live and cannot wait to see how it goes.