Story & Song Bookstore Bistro

Story & Song Bookstore Bistro opened in Amelia Island, Florida in 2018. They place heavy emphasis on solid bookselling practices, providing an array of books, events, and live music. They wanted their brand to be more text heavy, with light graphic accents, so we played with the "&" in the logo, turning it into a treble clef. This kept the logo character-driven, while adding an element of play and a visual hint at their mission. As they are a coastal, the greens and blues help establish setting.

Since their launch, we have worked with the Kaufmans to create additional designs, including business cards, digital and print advertisements, store banners, bumper stickers, rack cards, and coming full circle, a print newsletter.

Mark and Donna Kaufman, owners of Story & Song

Matchbook Marketing's value to us stretches beyond a custom newsletter which we use greatly for outreach marketing to designing every image we need. The team of graphic designers and copywriters support us and make everything we do look good!