Tia Book Cellar

Tia Book Cellar opened up just outside Erie, PA. This is grape country! And they are surrounded by farms that grow concord grapes which are used to make grape juice. It's a big part of the community's charm.

Our initial conversations with Kara explored this part of her community, and she very much wanted to celebrate the grape in her branding. She also was drawn to the phrase "There is always...", being inspired to complete that thought with possibility: There is always another choice. Another opportunity. Another book or story. Another path or adventure. That's why she named her store "tia" (there is always). It is a message of hope.

The result? A fresh, iconic brand that celebrates both her grape-producing community and the ability to expand her brand with her hopeful messaging. And of course, plenty of assets, including business cards, bookmarks, and social media banners and profiles.

Kara Hass, owner of Tia Book Cellar

I am just thrilled and love the whole package. You made the process seamless and anticipated what I needed before I even realized it. The final product perfectly embodies my community!