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Val and Tom are a delightful couple who opened a bookshop in Tahlequah, OK. They needed a logo that reflects the vintage feel of their location, specifically the historic building they moved into. To get us started, they sent over a selection of vintage postcards, fonts, and flyers they had collected for inspiration. They particularly loved one image that featured a child reading in a chair. 

We took these beginning concepts and created an image that folds in all the history and charm they were looking for, providing full color and black and white versions to keep the image versatile. Supplemental materials including a business card, bookmark, and social media graphics rounded out the project. After creating an IndieCommerce website for them, we then developed their print newsletter.

Now, they have been so successful, that they are opening a 2nd location, this one focused on games used books. They asked for a 2nd brand, that holds most of the original, but is unique with its own collection of gaming items. We're excited about their D&D nights!