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Words Matter Bookstore & Cafe

Words Matter Bookstore opened in New Jersey. Keryl, the owner, had a special connection to the name she chose, feeling the urgency and importance of the words we choose and share with each other, and also feeling they can open doors to new experiences. 


However, she wanted to retain a playful look, because though words do matter, she wanted to create an environment that is comfortable, welcoming, and fun. After reviewing a series of pencil sketch concepts, she loved the idea of the book serving as a portal to the universe, and we played with celestial themes, with a very subtle switching out of stars for letters of the alphabet. We love the thought that people might not see that at first, and only when they stop and explore will they uncover a new layer of meaning in the logo.


Along with the logo, we developed a full set of supplemental pieces, including a business card, social media profile and banner, letterhead, and a bookmark. We also included a horizontal word-based version of the logo for those times when she wants to emphasize her store name more prominently. This way, she has a totally versatile brand that will suit many needs. 


And after all that? We put together a monthly email for Keryl to promote 10 books of her choice. She just sends us her ISBN picks and we take care of the rest, linking them to her website store. And in 2023, she joined the print newsletter program too!

Keryl Hausmann, owner of Words Matter Bookstore & Cafe

You're all soooooo talented!! I hope you guys feel like you slayed a monster! Incredible!!