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East City Bookshop

East City Bookshop is a sleek, friendly, clever bookshop in downtown Washington, DC. They came to Matchbook with a beautiful brand, which we used to help them promote their grand opening in our print newsletter. East City took advantage of the Every Door Direct Mail program offered by the US Post Office. This allowed them to get a newsletter in the hands of every household in the zip code areas they selected. Since they were a new store, this full marketing coverage was particularly significant.

Once the newsletter was created, we helped them with their website as well. The existing site was beautiful, but was fragmented over two platforms, with WordPress hosting their main site, but Drupal their online retail portion. This fragmentation created a browsing challenge, and users had to leave the East City home site to place orders. Matchbook consolidated the websites into one streamlined site that kept their friendly, professional feel while making online ordering much easier.