Little Shop of Stories is a wonderful shop in Decatur, GA. But the owner Dave was in need of a new website. The ones they had were quite dated, not geared towards online sales, and quite a jumble of menu items with no central organization. And "ones" is not a typo, because there were in fact more than one!

This isn't an uncommon issue for shops who have been around a while. The passing of time can naturally complicate the evolution of a website. For projects like these, the first step is reorganization. We combed through their existing site, examined their 16 menu items (plus dropdowns) and remapped them into half that number, grouping categories together in related subjects, repositioning others, and discarding those that were no longer useful. The rest followed - a new look, a tie in with their cute font and colors, a banner that played on the idea of a storybook village, and of course lots of bright rows of books right there on the home page, ready for order. Now they have a site that matches the professionalism of their store.