Welcome to the ABA IndieCommerce e-newsletter program!

At this time, this program is only available to current IndieCommerce or IndieLite users, as a thank you for helping the American Booksellers Association provide independent bookstore driven online sales to readers everywhere.

This e-newsletter will feature your logo and contact information, hyperlinked book jackets and descriptions of new and forthcoming titles, and will be sent out to your customer email list via the email provider, MyNewsletterBuilder. Start here by creating an account, which is paid for by the ABA.

Once your account has been created, you will have the option to customize the tagline that appears at the top of the email. There is a $30 charge for this optional feature; enter your text on the page Returning Client.

This program began in 2019. Here is the send schedule for Summer 2020:

  • Part 1 Send: June 11. Deadline for creating new accounts and/or updating email lists: June 1. Themes: Dazzling Debuts and Other Worlds
  • Part 2 Send: July 9. Deadline for creating new accounts and/or updating email lists: July 1. Themes: Coming of Age, Family Ties, and Young Adult
  • Part 3 Send: August 13. Deadline for creating new accounts and/or updating email lists: August 1. Themes: Non-fiction and Historical Fiction
  • Part 4 Send: September 10. Deadline for creating new accounts and/or updating email lists: September 1. Themes: Small Bites and Indie Presses: Backlisted But Not Forgotten

If you submit this form or the Returning Client form after a deadline, you will be added to the next email group send on the calendar.

If you have questions about the form, please contact Gwyn at 828-450-0265 or matchbookgwyn@welovebooksellers.com.


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  • Please use your bookstore name as your username. Do not use spaces.

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  • This file should be at least 300 dpi and 318px on the largest side. A transparent PNG is the best, but we can also use a jpg, pdf or eps file. We understand that sometimes the ideal format is unavailable. If that is the case, just upload the highest resolution image that you have.

  • Sender Information:

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  • Accepted file types: csv.
  • Upload your store's email list in .csv format. This list should only contain email addresses.

    This email list will only be used for the IndieCommerce e-Newsletter Program on behalf the participating bookstore, and for no other purpose. It will not be sold nor shared with any other party. For a full privacy statement, click here.