Matchbook Marketing is proud to offer digital marketing audit services
for your business.

Take your storefront to social media with an online presence that retains the trust and integrity of your brick-and-mortar business.

Each Matchbook Digital Marketing plan is customized for your bookstore, because we’re not just digital marketers; we understand and value books and bookselling.

We’ll go over your website and social media platforms (or teach you how to build them from the ground up), then provide you with ideas and an action plan to elevate your online presence.

Your store’s deep dive assessment includes:

  • An evaluation of strengths: What makes your existing marketing efforts powerful? How can this be transferred to social media and digital marketing?
  • Short-term and long-term goals: What are the manageable tasks you can accomplish that will grow your store’s online presence?
  • Content management strategy: How can you build your online audience? What meaningful content can you share to establish trust? How and when should you promote your products and events?
Price: $150

For more information, please contact us.