For those who want a more personalized e-newsletter, we have an option for you too! We partner with the email provider MyNewsletterBuilder to create custom e-newsletters for individual stores. You send us 10 ISBNs of your choice, and we pull together the book jackets and blurbs, hyperlink each book directly to your store website shopping cart, manage your email list, and schedule each send. Click on one of the images below to see their full newsletter.


Template Design: $250

Includes customization of existing MyNewsletterBuilder templates to include your brand and template. Complete template customization is also available; please ask for a quote.

Email Send with Content Creation: $240

You send us your ISBN’s and we’ll take care of the rest, pulling together jackets and blurbs and hyperlinks. Includes up to 10 books, or a combination of 10 books and events, depending on your template. After we test each email link, we send a test to you for final proofing and approval.

Annual Service Fee: Varies

Annual email fees are billed to you directly from MyNewsletterBuilder. Pricing can be found here. Prices vary depending on your list size and send frequency, but on average, the annual fee will be less than $100.