As a bookseller, you put the printed word into your customer’s hands every day.

So why not market to your customers in print as well?

Wonderland Bookshop NewslettersOur Matchbook News print newsletter service has got you covered, celebrating both the power of story and the emotional connection we make with the tangible page.

Matchbook News is a bi-monthly newsletter that combines powerful book review core pages with a four-page customized wrap-around promoting your bookstore’s brand, events, and specials. We pick the freshest titles of the season and put together cover images and descriptive copy. You provide the text and images from your store, and our delightful designer puts it all together!

We have a variety of size options, from a small completely customized version to a whopping 16 page mega-edition. The newsletter is also available in a digital pdf and interactive Flipbook that can be uploaded to your website. See the price list below for complete details.

Co-op Reimbursements

An independent bookstore customer reads a printed edition of Matchbook News. She wears a purple sweater and smiles at the camera.We select our titles to maximize co-op eligibility, allowing you to re-coup most—if not all—of your marketing investment. To make it even easier, we work with Candlelight Co-op Services, who can make the claims for you for a special reduced Matchbook rate.

We’ll even pay for your service the first time you use Candlelight for a newsletter claim, simply because we want to prove to you how awesome and easy co-op can be.

Matchbook News Referral Rewards

If you refer a fellow bookseller to our newsletter program, and they sign on, we will give you a credit of $200 to apply to your next newsletter, and we’ll also credit the referred bookseller $50 towards their first issue!


16-Page Bonus: $1,400 Base Cost

For stores who need more customized space; also ideal for special occasions such as the holidays.

  • 8 customized pages included
  • 8 core pages
  • includes adult and children’s selections
  • all 8 core pages can be customized for $75/page
  • includes 1,500 copies
12-Page Economical: $950 Base Cost

Our regular newsletter, featuring adult fiction, nonfiction, YA, and children’s. Ideal for general bookstores.

  • 4 customized pages included
  • 8 core pages
  • includes adult and children’s selections
  • pages 5-8 can be customized for $75/page
  • includes 1,500 copies
8-Page Specialty: $835 Base Cost

For specialty stores who may not carry all titles in a general bookstore. You can customize the whole thing.

  • 4 customized pages (pgs. 1, 2, 7, & 8)
  • 4 core pages
  • choose children or adult version or
  • pages 3-6 can be customized for $75/page
  • includes 1,000 copies
4-Page Mini

For stores who want to share store-related information without the core pages. This option can also be used to create branded catalogs for your school book fairs!

We have two main options:

  • Design and Printing (on bi-monthly schedule): $795 Base Cost
  • Graphic Design Only: $400 Base Cost

For more detailed information about our services and pricing:

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