Matchbook Marketing’s Commitment to the Environment

I’ve been deeply concerned about the environment and climate change since I was old enough to understand it, taught by my scientist father as a young child that our planet’s resources and tolerance for human impact was finite. These lessons were not dire warnings to intimidate a 12 year old, but rather meant to help me learn to respect the planet we live on and look for ways to both lessen our impact and contribute back to its potential to support us and other life.

I bring that personal commitment to Matchbook as well, and we are taking more progressive steps forward. Matchbook is in conversation with Franklin Web Printing, who prints our Matchbook News publication, about using carbon offsets to balance shipping impact. They already use recycled paper and soy based inks, and they don’t use plastic to bind their newsletters, but rather cotton string and cardboard boxes. They are committed like we are to finding ways to reduce their own environmental footprint, and we are working together to examine our options.

But print production and shipping isn’t our only impact, as there is some travel involved in this line of work, and an office footprint as well. This year, we will be be calculating, reducing, and offsetting our overall carbon footprint, and will share that information here. Our goal for completion has been interrupted by COVID, but we intend to have this completed by the end of the year.

If you have ideas or resources that you’d like to share to help us and others achieve carbon neutrality, please send us a note on our contact page. We’ll happily share your thoughts so that we can all create a greener world together.

-Gwyn Ridenhour, Founder